Data Access Page Mapped to Database (2003)



I have a folder named Students. In it I have a database named MYBE.mdb. I
created a DAP named Students using a table in MYBE.mdb. As you know, it
created a DAP in the folder named Students.

I first put a record in the DAP using the Connection String
"C:\Students\MYBE.mdb." It worked great. I then put the folder and the two
files on the web. I added a second record, closed the site, returned to the
site, and the records were still there.

It was working great. Then, through some checking, I found out it was
updating the database C:\Students\MYBE.mdb and not the database in the web
folder. I will use fictitious names to illustrate what I did next.

The DAP is located at "" In the
Connection String of the DAP, I put the location

When I open the web page I get two Microsoft Internet Explorer error
messages. The first is "Data provider could not be initialized." The second
is "Not a valid file name."

Can anyone help me correct this? Thank you as always.

Sylvain Lafontaine

The Access/JET ODBC or OLEDB Providers cannot work over the WAN (Wide Area
Network); only on a local LAN or through a VPN (which emulate a LAN over the
WAN) but in the later case, the performace will be abysmal.

If you want to use DAP over the Internet/WAN, you'll have to change the
backend from Access/JET to SQL-Server.

My advice: stop trying to use DAP, you are losing your time. Excerpt maybe
for some very simple forms on a LAN and for which you don't want anything
special or advanced; trying to make anything useful with them will be very
difficult - you need to be a wizard at HTML and Javascript coding - and
probably will end up as a total lost of time. I'm saying this from personal
experience; so don't make the same mistakes as me. They have been
deprecated in A2007 and have been totally removed from A2010; so make your
own conclusion about their real usefulness.

Sylvain Lafontaine, ing.
MVP - Windows Live Platform
Blog/web site:
Independent consultant and remote programming for Access and SQL-Server

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