Daily Schedules



I am a teacher so I have a daily schedule of classes that don't change. I
know I can set up recurring events on my calendar that will show up everyday
on my monthly, weekly, and daily views. However I don't want that. Is there
a way to schedule details on daily or weekly views yet not have all of those
details show on the monthly view.

I'd like to have the monthly view show:
"8:15-3:15 School"

Yet on the weekly or daily view I'd like it to show the details:

"8:15-8:25 Opening"
"8:30-9:20" 11th grade U.S. History
"9:25-10:15" 8th grade History"


I'm also a principal so I have meetings, appointmenst, and interruptions
quite often. However, the classes don't change, just the details of those
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Diane Poremsky

No, its not possible to do that - the closest you can come is with outlook
2007 - it allows you to show low, med or high details.

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