Cut the last 20 characters out of a text string



Hi, I have a column with text in each cell but the length of the text string
varies in each cell. However I would like to remove the last 20 characters of
the text string.

I could do this if I wanted to only show the last 20 characters by using
right(a1,20) but I cannot use the left function because the length of the
text string varies depending on the name of the person.

EG The first 2 cells are

Lott M 123456789101234567890
Peterson D 123456789101234567890

And I would like them to say

Lott M
Peterson D

I'm sure there will be a simple way of doing this but can't find one.

Thanks in advance.



Jacob Skaria


in your example there is an extra 1 which will result in
Lott M 1
Peterson D 1

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If you want to pull out the characters, which is available before the numeric
characters, then use the below formula.


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