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I have a requirement of adding couple of fields in Outlook's
Appointment Form.

(1) By using Custom Forms, the Appointment Page of the Appointment
Form is not customizable. Is there any programatic way do add new
fields to the Appointment Page ( Basically, get
Item.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages("Appointment") and then add new
fields and bind them ? any code snippet for the same ...

(2) Alternatively, I tried hiding that page (appointment) and designed
a custom page that looks like the first page (it looks 90% same). I
hit following issues:

(i) Field chooser does not expose all the native fields present on
native appointment form. How to get those on custom page ?

(ii) Couldn't get Date/Time picker. Any ideas how to get same
usability like outlooks native form?

(iii) For the additional fields I have added, how to save them in
Database. They are saved in PST because they are bound to userdefined
fields as well.

(3) I created a totally new winform for appoinment with additional
fields, but looks like theres a lot to build like scheduling etc.

This is for Outlook 2003.

Thanks for your help


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