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Can I customize the BCM interface? Let me clarify...I am familiar with the
Add/Remove content link that allow you choose what content is displayed on
your BCM Home page. However, I have 5 business. I want to use BCM with all
of them. However, every BCM home page looks so similar that sometimes I
catch myself doing work with one company in the wrong BCM home page. At a
minimum, it would be a great help if I could simply change the Header of the
BCM home page from "Business Contact Manager - Home" to something more
specific to my company. An example might be "XYZ Sales - Home". Then I
would at least be able to glance at the header bar to make sure I am in the
correct data base. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in

Lon Orenstein


That Home Page is an HTML page and you can change it. What I don't know is
how to change it automatically for each database you're using. You may be
able to do it with scripting. Another low tech idea is to add a contact
and/or account name __Database __CompanyA to each database. Starting the
name with an underscore will keep it at the top of the list alphabetically.
As long as you remember to look, you can see which database you're in.


Lon Orenstein
pinpointtools, llc
(e-mail address removed)
Author of Outlook 2007 Business Contact Manager For Dummies
Author of the eBook: Moving from ACT! to Business Contact Manager



Thanks for the reply. I don't mind changing it via HTML, but how do you do

Thanks in advance,


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