Customising default appointment form




(Outlook/Exchange 2000)

I have created a resource calendar for each of our company
pool cars so they can be booked out using outlook.

I wanted to customise the standard appointment form.
Ideally all I wanted was to use the original form but
instead of 'Subject' and 'Location' I wanted to rename
these fields 'Name' and 'Destination' and put in 2 extra
fields for 'Mileage In' and Mileage Out'. However, I
presume the default 'Appointment' and 'Attendee
Availability' parts of the form cannot be modified (if I'm
wrong please let me know how to do it!).

Instead, I can hide these parts of the form and create a
new section called 'Booking'. However, I want to use the
drop down calendar and time funtions that are available on
the 'Appointment' screen. When I try and inset 'Start'
and 'End' fields it just gives me a date field for text
entry. How can I use the drop down calendar field on a
different section of the form?

Hope u understand what I'm getting at!


Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

You can't modify those tabs and the internal time/date pickers aren't
available to you. You will have to use others. There's a list of them

Ken Slovak
[MVP - Outlook]
Lead Author, Professional Outlook 2000 Programming, Wrox Press
Lead Author, Beginning VB 6 Application Development, Wrox Press
Attachment Options
Extended Reminders

Martin Delker

Hi jamie,
I am looking for such a ressource managing VB code for our company's
pool cars. Would you mind to share the one you created?!
I did enough programming to customize a given code but I am not able to
create such a project on my own.
I would appreciate very much to get your support.

Martin Delker

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