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I have created a form for customer responces. How do I link there response
to an email back to me? How do I also link the form together?



Chris Leeds, MVP - FrontPage

to email the form back to you just right click the form, chose "form
properties" and configure the email address, etc. you'll get a warning
about it being a disk based web and asking whether you want FrontPage to
remove the recipient (don't let it).
also, for this kind of form to work you've got to publish to a server with
FrontPage extensions and via the http:// publishing method.

regarding the "link forms together" I don't understand what that means.


Have you seen ContentSeed (
Chris Leeds

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What I mean by linking the form together, is I have an entire page with
several tables on it for customer response. do they all respond seperately,
or can I link them and have one response per customer.




An HTML form starts with
<form ..... >
And ends with

Everything in between those tags is part of the form, and all fields in
there will be sent as part of the email.

Anything outside those tags is NOT a part of the form, and will not be
included in the email.

So, as long as all your tables are inside the <form..> ... </form> tags
there will be one email for each customer response.
Ron Symonds - Microsoft MVP (FrontPage)
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