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I want to set up a spare computer in my store for customers to use to sign up
for our email list. The simple way would be to use Excel, but the information
would not be private.

So I'm thinking about using a database with a form they can fill out. I
would want fields such as date, first name, last name, email address, city,
zip code and comments(for feedback).

Once a week or so I would want to transfer the information collected via a
flash drive or CD to my main computer for processing the information. I'm not
a wiz with Access 2003. I have played with it a bit to try and learn the
working of a database.

Any advice?




Tom Wickerath

You're on the right track...a simple Access application could be used to
display a form for folks to fill out. After they clicked on a Save button,
the form would then open to a new record, thus keeping others from seeing the
previous customer's entries. If you have a local area network (LAN), you
could split such an application, with the back-end (BE) database on a file
server. That would allow you to bring new records into your database
directly, without the need to use a thumb drive or CD.

Another alternative might be to design a Kiosk-type application:

An Office Kiosk
Using Access and PowerPoint to Create a User-friendly Survey Application

Tom Wickerath
Microsoft Access MVP

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