Custom View: Keeping worksheet hidden?



(Excel 2003)

I've got a workbook with several worksheets (some hidden). I'd like to
use "custom views" to basically set the print/page setup for each
worksheet---the setup varies per sheet. Custom view allows me to do
this, but it also unhides the worksheets.

Is there anyway to keep a Custom View from hidding/unhiding a
worksheet? I tried saving the view with the sheet hidden and unhidden,
but when I select the view, it shows everything as the view was saved.
Problem is, the worksheets that are hidden are unhidden by other
events....the custom view is interfering with the process.

In VBA, CustomView only has two methods: PrintSettings and
RowColSettings. Neither of these seems to apply to sheet visibility. I
tried saving the view with each method on/on, off/on, on/
off....nothing changed the visiblity setting.

Any ideas on how to keep CustomView from hiding/unhiding sheets? Or,
maybe there's a better way to approach this. I'm basically just trying
to set several "print/page views" for each worksheet (margins, page
breaks, print area).





Hi John;

There is a VBA setting to make the sheet "xlVeryHidden" that will make it
only viewable and accessable if you know it it there and tell it in code to
be visible.

I hope this helps,


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