custom resolutions for Windows XP



I am looking to add some custom resolutions to the default Win XP driver for
a none plug and plug display devices (Sony 1292Q crt projectors). Or
possibly create a new file with the desired 960P and 1080P resolutions on
4:3 ratios that are not offered. Video card is a nVidia FX3000 and blending
is enabled. Powerstrip is not the answer as we need an existing suitable
resolution to create a custom resolution from. 1024P gives a nice image
while some built in 4:3 resolutions produce alot of artifacts in the image.
The total desired ideal resolution is 2880x1080P at 59.94 and 71.928 refresh




you'll probably be better off posting this question on a
video card afficionado site like i'm sure
zardon the mystic will have a few tricks up his sleeve
for ya..

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