Custom Record Selector Controls that don't work like the built-inones


Patrick Potvin


I've created my on 'Previous' and "Next' controls for record selecting
over Access's built-in record selectors.because I wanted to get rid of
(hide) the selector bar at the bottom of my form. My controls work
fine up until I add a new record (using a custom control for that
too). Once I add a new record, my 'Previous' and 'Next' controls no
longer toggle through the existing records that I have. If I use the
built-in selectors I do not have this problem, as everything works
fine. I figure its because my record source for this form is a query
that does not get updated once I add a new record. If I close the form
and re-open it, my custom record selector controls work fine again.
How can I get my custom selector controls to work properly once i add
a new record like the built -in ones do??? (fyi and without going
into details why, using the built-in selectors instead of my custom
ones is not an option).


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