Custom Paper Size not showing up in Windows 7, same works with XP

Jun 2, 2015
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I have client which prints values on receipts on a pre printed receipt form of 3 inches height, using a dot matrix printer, The custom height of paper is set to 3 inches which works in Windows XP, but the same does not work with Windows 7, After reading few things on this it is suggested to Edit the related GPD file , Anybody has successfully edited the GPD file and it has worked correctly? Is it just editing GPD file is enough?

here is some part of GPD file for you understanding
*MaxSize: PAIR(1260000, 1782000)
*MinSize: PAIR(162000, 258000)
*MinLeftMargin: 10200
*MaxPrintableWidth: 609600
*CustCursorOriginX: %d{10200}
*CustPrintableOriginX: %d{10200}
*CustPrintableSizeX: %d{PhysPaperWidth - 20400}
*CustCursorOriginY: %d{9000}
*CustPrintableOriginY: %d{9000}
*CustPrintableSizeY: %d{PhysPaperLength - 24000}