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If I create a custom contact form and use it as my default form, will any
newly created fields show up in the "map fields" dialogue prior to exporting
contacts? I saw this post somewhere but can't find it. Thanks much.

Karl Timmermans

Short answer: No.

Custom fields (user-defined fields) cannot be imported or exported via
Outlook import/export wizard whether origin is from a custom form or simply
added to the standard form. You'll need to write your own code or use a 3rd
party program.

Two quick options for you are:

CodeTwo Outlook Export (free)

ContactGenie Exporter (CGX) (not free - various editions)

For simple ad-hoc exporting - the CodeTwo product should suffice for most
(and it will export custom fields). Beyond that, CGX offer a fairly
comprehensive set of features which may or may not be applicable in your
particular situation.

Karl Timmermans - The Claxton Group
ContactGenie - Importer 1.3 / DataPorter 2.0 / Exporter
"Power contact importers/exporters for MS Outlook '2000/2007"


Thank You Karl: The Freebe option should work for me. BTW I have another
question. I will probably post it in the "access" forum, but I will ask it
here anyway.
I exported Contacts folder to Access Database. All of the fields
exported in ok. all 140 or so. However when I linked the table to outlook,
some of the fields did not link (dissappeared or something) The one I really
needed was "categories". Do you have any idea why that is. Anyway I know I
should post that in Access disscussion group. I will do that tomorrow if
there is no reply here. Thanks again.

Karl Timmermans

The Outlook folder connector is "far" from complete. One of those things
that if the fields that are available serves your needs - it's great yourself a lot of aggravation and look for
another solution for whatever it is that you're trying to do (IMHO). The
Categories field in Outlook is a "Multi-Valued" text string and is retrieved
differently then simple text fields and best guess is that when the Outlook
connector was originally - simplicity was at the forefront. Doubt very much
you're going to find a ready solution and will find yourself in the world of
custom code very, very quickly.

Karl Timmermans - The Claxton Group
ContactGenie - Importer 1.3 / DataPorter 2.0 / Exporter
"Power contact importers/exporters for MS Outlook '2000/2007"

Karl Timmermans

Been far too long since I've dealt with the various BCM versions close-up so
can't give a definitive answer. Things have changed since then as far as
I've been told for the more current versions of BCM. As for ContactGenie
products & BCM - BCM folders are not supported but any other regular PST and
Exch based folders that exist within a BCM configuration are fully

BCM questions are also best posed in the BCM newsgroup where you should get
a better answer particularly as it relates to custom forms for BCM specific
folders. Quickest solution may also be just to create a dummy custom form
with a single field, publish it, and see if the BCM import/export wizard
makes your custom fields accessible. The correct answer to your question
will become immediately apparent. For point of reference, the Outlook BCM
import/export process is a different animal from the standard Outlook
configuration since the underlying BCM is actually stored in a SQL database.

Karl Timmermans - The Claxton Group
ContactGenie - Importer/DataPorter/Exporter/Toolkit
"Contact import/export/data management tools for Outlook '2000/2007"

Brian Tillman [MVP - Outlook]

Would the answer be different if I am using Business Contact Manager 2003?

You're better off asking in microsoft.public.outlook.bcm.

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