cursor does not go to the next line when enter button is pressed




I am working in my Word document, and the cursor does not move to the next
line when I press the enter button. It only moves to the correct position
once I start typing. Does anyone know how to fix the problem?



Herb Tyson [MVP]

I've seen such problems caused by an older display driver. Word tends to be
a bit fussy about the display, and often does things that other programs
don't do (which is why you might not see this in other programs). My
recommendation would be to go to the web site for your display adapter, and
see if there is a new/updated driver available for it.

Note that if you use Windows Update, sometimes updated drivers come that
way, as well (e.g., through service patches). But, they generally take a bit
longer to make it through the update process.




I've noticed that word behaves this way when you have a section break
just infront of the cursor. To remove the problem, just turn on
'Reveal Code' so you can see the section break, hit return a few times
to move the section break a few lines down the page and go back to
where you need to insert text and keep on typing.

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