Current month written out



I need to see the current month written out. When I use the formula below I
get the previous Month to the current one.


When I take out the minus sign, it doesn't work. I have also tried the
following and it gives me January instead of the current month of July.


Please explain to me what I am doing wrong.

Thank you.



Douglas J. Steele

Crystal's given you the correct answer, but I thought I'd comment on your
first equation.


If you used that today (30 July, 2008), it should return June. That's
because DateSerial takes three components (year, month and day) and creates
a date, which is this case would be 2 June, 2008. It uses today's Year
because of Year(Date()), last month because of Month(Date()) - 1 and a day
of 2. Note that the DateSerial function is smart enough to handle year-ends:
if you were to run that on 5 January, 2008, you'd end up with December,
since the DateSerial function would have returned 2 December, 2007.


Thank you for your explanation ... why .. when I take out the minus sign ..
it doesn't work. I expected it to give me the current date. I understand
that the minus would give me last month, but when the minus sign is removed,
I don't understand why it doesn't give me the current date.

Always appreciate your answers... thanks.




My whole message didn't show up in the last communication... so here it is


I get the following error message...The expression you entered contains
invalid syntax" "You may have used an operand without an operator"

John Spencer

You have a 1 in the second argument to DateSerial that should not be there.


Why not use the following which is much simpler and should do the same


John Spencer
Access MVP 2002-2005, 2007-2008
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I did.. am .. using the more simpler script from Crystal, however, Doug was
helping me to understand 'why' the first one wouldn't work. Now I see why.

Thank you ... it appears that the syntax doesn't care what the day is based




you can use DateSerial when you are constructing a date... for instance,
here is how to get the last day of the current month:

=DateSerial( Year(Date), Month(Date)+1, 0)

because 1 is added to the month argument, it will consider next month

because each month starts with 1, 0 will be the last day of the previous
month -- which is the last day of the current month ;)

DateSerial is really quite cool ... you can do things like this:

=DateSerial( Year(Date), Month(Date), 1+45)
-- that will give you 45 days from the first day of the current month

DateSerial( Year(Date), Month(DOB), Day(DOB))
WHERE DOB is a field holding Date of Birth
tells you what day a birthday will fall on this year

Warm Regards,

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:) have an awesome day :)


:) That is really cool, thanks!

A few examples with explanations goes a long way ... for me ;-)

Thank you ( to all ) ... because your time is valuable and I appreciate it.


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