curly brace {}


Karl Townsend

I have formula out of a very old worksheet that I'm trying to re use in a
new worksheet


This is the formula in the old worksheet, EXCEPT it has curly braces {}
around it


How do you insert these braces??? You can't just type them. Also, if you
<F2> <enter> you lose them in the old worksheet. This formula does not work
with the {} removed.

FWIW this formula does a conditional sum on the data in a general ledger.




Bernard Liengme

You do not inset the braces, Excel does
You need to learn about array formulas: visit Chip's site
When you have typed (or edited) an array formula you do not just hit the
Enter key but use CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER. At that point Excel add the braces.
best wishes

Shane Devenshire


And a minor change to the formula

(I took out the + sign)

and actually this is not the best formula:


And this formula is not an array and probably runs faster than an array.

If this helps please click the Yes button.

Shane Devenshire


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