CSV format ?




I have an sql script that writes my database table data out to a fil
and i've given the file a name with the (.xls) suffix also, the data i
delimited with a comma.

After running the script, i end up with a file in my directory and th
file has the Excel ICON, but when i select on the ICON, Excel does no
recognize that it's comma delimited of course and still requires that
import the data using the import utility.

I am quessing/assuming that there must be a setting or feature by now
that i can set that will tell Excel to assume that the data is in
comma delimited format and to automatically import the data using th
comma delimited format?

Has anyone seen or heared of such an available setting before?

Thanks very much!


if you give the file a csv suffix, it may still be associated with excel
and excel will open it as a csv file. otherwise just choose open with
excel. Calling it xls is misleading as it is not an excel file.




Thanks alot Dav you made my day, it works perfectly!

Have a nice weekend Dav!!!!


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