CSS divs / layers z-index




Wndows 7 (expression web - bit also tried frontpage)

Sorry if this is the wrong place but all the win7 forums seem to be a little
.....hmmmm :-(

I have a page consisting of a css drop-down menu and a couple of pictues.
Sounds somple ? driving me mad. All I am rying to do is to center the whole
lot and have the drop-down show over the pictures on-mouse-over

I can center the css drop down ona div (set the left and right margins to
auto) and include the pictures in divs - everything centers really well.
Down no matter what I do I can't get the z-index of the pictures to be lower
than the drop-down (so the pictues are always on top)

I have tried to put each section in layers - this time the drop-down and
pictures are all in order (the drop-down shows over the pictues) - but I
can't center them (without giving absolute values - which I don't want).

Sorry I can't post the page as it's on my win7 machine and it's not on the
web (am previewing on the machines browser).

So, have anyone been through this before - or has anyone got a web link that
may help.

Don't really want to spend another day on this (should be simple) problem.

Thanks for any help




z-index only works with positioned elements.

<div style="margin: 0 auto; width: 760px;">navigation with drop downs goes
<div style="margin: 10px auto; width:760px;">Images goes here</div>

Provided the page also has a complete and valid !doctype there is no reason
why the menu dropdowns will go under the images, unless:
The images are flash or silverlight movies
The images are contained in absolutely positioned HTML elements.

Seeing the page might help.
Ron Symonds
Microsoft MVP (Expression Web)

Reply only to group - emails will be deleted unread.



Jon Spivey

If you set position:relative you can then use z index, eg
<div id="dropdown" style="position:relative;z-index:1000">dropdown</div>
<div id="images" style="position:relative;z-index:1">images</div>


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