crystal reports 4.6


David Cox

I would like to use Crystal Reports 4.6 with VB Express. I have created a
small test application and installed it with ClickOnce. I can get
everything installed correctly, the problem is that the installation
directory has a long pathname. Crystal can't handle this. It says the report
I am trying to print is not found. If I move all the installed files to a
directory such as C:\Temp everything works fine. Is there a way to get
Crystal to work with long filenames? Is there a way to install the
application to a difference directory with ClickOnce?



Theo Verweij

Upgrade to vb pro (contains crystal 10.2) or upgrade your version of
crystal to XI R2 ...
Crystal 4.6 was installed with vb5 (if I am not mistaken)

If you want to develop for free (as I am currently doing), don't use
crystal. It's completely commercial.

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