Crosstab form based on Crosstab query?



(Access 2003 Multiuser Split DB, Windows XP Pro)

Hi All,

I'm making a diary/appointments form that allows consultants who use this
multiuser database to quickly see who has appointments booked in and when. I
made a crosstab query that has a column for each consultant(with their name
in title field) and a record for each timeslot of the working day(auto
generated from template table).

I now need the users to be able to double click on any 'Cell' to summon up
an appointment details form(I'm trying to mimic Outlook in this respect as
its familiar to the users) so they fill out details for that consultant and
timeslot. Crosstab queries don't have a click event so a form that
duplicates the data display of the crosstab query would be ideal. All I need
is that click event and to be able to pass some values from the cell to the
pop up form.

I know the 'crosstab form' would probably be non updateable so I'll save
appointment data by running queries to update the main tables and then
refresh the display form to reflect changes/additions. Can anyone start me
off on how to base a form on a crosstab query? Any hints?





I'm also trying to find a way to create an updatable form based on a
crosstab query. Please let me know if you've found a solution.


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