Cross references and printing



I made a lot of cross references during the text. For example, in the
figures, I wanna write: "as seen in figure 1", but word puts "as seen in
Figure 1". This way I just edited the cross reference to lower caps.

But, when I print the file, the word updates the cross reference and puts
"Figure 1" instead of "figure 1" as I want. I already tried to use the
uncheck the "update fields before printing" box on "options->Tools->printing
tools" but didn't work. What should I do?

Stefan Blom

Press Alt+F9 to show field codes; your cross-references will appear similar

{ REF _Ref245455198 \h }

Add \* lower at the end of each cross-reference. Press F9 to update it.

When you are done, press Alt+F9 again to hide field codes.

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