Crop Marks in corner of page



Hi - I use Word 2003 and have suddenly had what look like printer's crop
marks appear in the corner of my documents. I have followed the advise given
about going through the registry files but as I work in an office and don't
have administrator access, I can't do this either!

Any other ideas? It's driving Miss Daisy crazy!!!




I am not sure what you mean, but if you see the text area also in a
dotted-line border the remedy is Tools/Options/View/ and uncheck "Text
bounderies" under "Print and Web Layout options". HTH --- Henk



Jay Freedman

If the KB 839371 procedure didn't work and you can't edit the registry, then
you are completely out of alternatives (other than to simply ignore the
corner marks, which don't print).

The one thing you can do is appeal to the people who do have administrative
rights to edit your registry for you.

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