criteria on form



GOod day
I have two queries pulling data from two tables, with criteria between
start date and end date.

.. I have a third query pulling those results together. I would like to
create a form and to input the criteria for the first two queries. I have
problems with the criteria to put in the query. Grateful for your help.


Amy E. Baggott

You need to create the form first with unbound text boxes for your start and
end dates (you can actually format them as dates and use an input mask to
make sure the dates are entered as dates). Once you save your form, you can
then put the form text boxes in the criteria for your query. Then go back to
your form and put a button on it to run the queries when you click the
button. I would also put a second button on the form (Cancel) that just
closes the form without doing anything in case the user changes his mind.

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