Creating .reg file



I need a way to extract a set of registry values/data/keys from the
registry where any one of those items contains a specific value.

I have tried regscanner which almost does what I want but it creates
the exported entries with hex values. It can also create the values
with character values but it is not in the .reg format.

I have also tried Registry Ripper. It seems to find the keys but does
not export values, data, and keys which ave the specified values.

Any help would be appreciated.


Star Fleet Admiral Q

I normally just find the key I want, right click and export that key to a
reg file. Sometimes I need to clean it up, remove additional parameters on
that key that I don't want reimported, but is basically works fine that way.
And yes, most keys will export the data of the key in HEX format, especially
keys of a type "DWORD", which would be normal and yes when imported in,
windows knows exactly how to recognize it.

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