Access Creating names from fields in access database.

Sep 18, 2015
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Hello I have access 2013.

In a table I have fields Title FirstName LastName

Initially I created an addtional calculated field and used the following: (""+[Title]) & (" "+[FirstName]) & (" "+[LastName])

The above works fine.

In the future however I may want to transfer to sql server back end and I don't think sql will be happy with the calculated field in that format.

The second option I came up with was to create a query which would calclate the full name (etc...).

This again works fine using: FullName: (""+[Title]) & (" "+[FirstName]) & (" "+[LastName])

I am wondering whether once applied to a large number of records will the query run very slowly with having to concanenate a large number of records?

I would apprecaite any tips or help.

Thank you


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