Creating automated word documents from info on Excel.



Hi All,

Please help me to achieve the folllowing:

I would like to set up a working arrangment between excel and word where I
can get information that has been entered onto a row in a sheet to be
replicated onto specific zones on the word document.

My situation is like this. I have a spreadsheet that is a log of jobs. Each
row represents one job. The columns have headings like Job nr, Account
number, account name etc.

In my documents I have a folder for each individual job. i.e Row 1 = Job 1 =
folder named job 1 on my computer.

When I begin a new job, I would like excel to automatically open the
required word document, at the start the word document will be generic for
each job. As I enter the job nr, account nr and other information in
respective cells excel should replicate this into the job nr spaceon the word
doc and so on. The word doc will then be saves as doc 1 into a new folder
named after the job nr to be sent to a client at a later stage.

Is this possible and how do I go about it?

Many thanks for your time and best wishes


this task requires programming skills and there are may was to perform this
task. One method would be to use the built in tool in word called mail merge
which will do it from the word document and import data from excel. See the
ord menu toos - Mail Merge.

If yo did it from excel the best method would to save the rows as HTML data
into a temporary file and then open the word document and impor tthe html
file into the word document. If you go to website and
look at importing and export excel files into outlook the task would be
similar since outlook uses word features. Instead of creating an email you
can open a word document.

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