Creating Audit Trail




Hoping someone can help. We have a database containing all our employee and
customer data. This is accessable by everyone in our office, I have set the
database to capture the users login on open. I was hoping to create an audit
trail of all changes, capturing the date/time of the change and the data that
has been changed.

Does anyone know how I can do this?




I am assuming users can only access the data through a front end
(forms). I had to do this previously and it involves setting up tables
for the audit data - you can make these as simple or complicated as you
like. You could for instance have one audit table with columns for
source table name, column name, old value, new value, user, date/time
of change. When users make changes to your data you use the before
update event to pass the changed values to the audit tables - if the
update to the audit tables fail you can then cancel the update event.


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