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Anders Eriksson

I'm using a COM server to access some hardware (Laser). The Supplier has
a strange idea that they don't update the version of the .exe (COM
Server). It's always

When I use this COM server VS2010 will create an Interop dll
automatically. This will also always have version (I'm guessing
that it just copy the version from the COM server exe)

I guessing here but it seems like vs2010 will not recognize that a new
exe file has been installed and doesn't recreate the Interop dll.

First is this guess true?

Is there someway of changing the version in the COM Server / Exe file
without having the source code?

Any other idea is also welcome.

Yeah, the obvious solution is to get the maker of the COM server to
add/change the version, but I have tried that and no such luck...



Anders Eriksson

Is there someway of changing the version in the COM Server / Exe file
without having the source code?

It's not pretty, but can't you just delete the interop DLL as needed
when the .exe is updated, so that a new interop DLL is created? It's a
manual process, but you seem to already have manual intervention anyway.
Well, that's what I do today, so I guess I will continue...
Of course, there is also the question as to why a new interop DLL would
be needed anyway. As long as the COM interface remains the same, a new
version of the COM server should not require a new interop DLL. And
except during initial development, any given COM interface really ought
to remain static. If there's a need to change the interface, there
should be a whole new interface, rather than changing the old one.
The problem is that I'm detecting bugs and needs that will change the
COM Interface. So almost every update of the COM server will change the

Well, just another thing to live with ;-)

Thank you for your answer!

// Anders

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