Creating an IIS Application




I have two questions:

1. How can I create an IIS Web Application with asp or with I
have found some scripts that explain how to create an IIS Virtual
Directory, but this is not what I want to do. I already have a directory
and I want to assign an IIS Web Application to this directory, similarly
to the "create" button in the properties page of a directory in IIS

2. How can I find the site id of the site my script is running on? The
term site id stands for the id that IIS assigns to each site it serves.
This is used in IIS metabase. For instance in the metabase path
"IIS://Localhost/W3SVC/2451/Root", "2451" is the id of the site.

Dr. Jones


OK, let's try once more:

I want to achieve with asp or code what is posible through the IIS
console for directories:

1. Open IIS Console
2. Select to "Web Sites"
3. Select a Web Site, eg "Default Web Site"
4. Select one of the sub directories (hopefully you will have at least
5. Right-click on it and go to "Properties".
6. Press the "Create" button, next to the application name, which is
somewhere in the middle of the properties dialog box.

This way you can create an IIS Web Application. However, I want to do the
same thing with asp or code. Does anybody know how to do it?

Dr. Jones

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