Creating an html page in Frontpage can be emailed with Graphics



I am trying to create an html page in frontpage 2003 that I can send out as
an email. The pages I have saved so far, do not list a specific location for
the images for the buttons and graphics, but instead refer to *url*. When I
email this page to test, none of the graphics are showing up properly. How do
I correct?



Thomas A. Rowe

You need to upload the images to a public available web site and then link to the image in the email
use Absolute URLs, example:

Thomas A. Rowe (Microsoft MVP - FrontPage)
WEBMASTER Resources(tm)

FrontPage Resources, WebCircle, MS KB Quick Links, etc.

Chris Leeds, MVP-FrontPage

post the page to your server and then, on the page you send out change the
image src to whatever it is on the server.


Chris Leeds,
Microsoft MVP-FrontPage

Please feel free to contact me here:


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