Creating a variable based on multiple cells



What I want to do is to my way of thinking should be fairly easy but it has
been years since I last did any coding and that was only in visual basic. I
want to set the background color of a cell based on RGB codes, but here is
the catch, the RGB codes change based on the cell, and the table contains the
RGB codes. I want the cell with the colour name to have the background
colour of that name. Next to the colour Name I have 3 columns labeled R G B
with the corresponding code in each for the colour. Example "Column A3= Dark
Red, Column B3=176, Column C3= 23, Column D3=31" (Column B,C,D = RGB Code)
now the next row would be a different colour. Can I make 1 macro that changes
the variable used to represent the RGB colour code? (RGB=(R,G,B) (Declare R,
G, B as the changing cells)).

Steve Schapel


Your question appears to be related to a spreadsheet scenario such as
Excel. The focus of this newsgroup is on macros in Access, the database
program. In Access there is a RGB() function, but I don't know whether
this fuction is natively available in Excel. Try re-posting to a
newsgroup related to your software.

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