Creating a simple template form ?



I would like to create a very simple template in Outlook
with a couple of information field and some fields that are pre-filled
like the To: field.

Is it absolutely necessary that the form be published to the forms library or
can this be done by saving it as a .oft file and creating a shortcut to this

This is for a single department within the same organisation sharing the
shared folders.

I don't have access to publish any forms in our organisation and that will
not likely
change in the near future.



Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

If this is a message form, it needs to be published to the Organizational Forms library or each user's Personal Forms library. If it is any other kind of form, it can be published to the folder where you will collect the items. If that folder is in a mailbox, user's will need to make the setting change described at under "Forms in Other Mailboxes."

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