Creating a Simple Form to Add a Record to a table


Alana Smith

I am trying to create a Form containing the following:

Child's Names (drop down) FROM A TABLE

Skill (Query that updates and displays skills not completed by the Child
selected)(drop down) ANOTHER TABLE

Date picker (A small Calender they can click a Date)

Add Button (This will add this new field to the Database)

I want to create a combo box to show a drop down of children to choose from
Table and then click into a 2nds combo box that show skills, from a query of
what skill are incomplete and then add a date and the add button adds this
record to the SKill_acquired table contains Child_ID, Skill_ID and
Date_acquired and a checkbox for completed.




Child's Names (drop down) FROM A TABLE
Form has ALL children, just scroll to the correct one.
Wrong term, not add 'field' but add record.
You need a form with subform - Child/Skills.
Second table is a list of skills and third table that is the 'many' side of
a one-to-many relationship of child to skills. Your form/subform
Master/Child links set on the ChildID field to Child_Skills table. The
subform has the combo to select skill.
The date would signify accomplishment.
There is no need for Completed checkbox as a date in the Date_acquired is
evidence of completion.

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