Creating a new slides background, Please HELP



Please, I'm developing a project and is very important for
me create a new customized slide background.
Somebody can tell me how I can create a new slide

Thanks, for your help




Bill Dilworth

Depends on what you mean by 'create'

If you mean 'create a background picture from scratch' then any graphics
program will do. Even MS Paint will do to make this picture.

If you mean 'apply a picture as a background' then right click on the slide,
select 'background...', click on the pulldown list, select Fill effects|
Picture (tab) | Select Picture | and navigate to the picture you would like
to use. OK out of the box and select either 'Apply' to apply it to just the
selected slides, or 'Apply to All' to apply it to all the slides in the
presentation. There are alternate methods, such as modifying the master
slide, but this is the most universally applicable way to create a

Bill Dilworth, Microsoft PPT MVP
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