Creating a date calculation with a text form field


LC Young

Hi there! I have a unique situation.

I am using Word2003 to create a form. I'm trying to create a calculation in
a text form field, where it is referencing a date entered in a previous text
field (Text12) and adding 50 days to that date and returning the results in a
'MM/dd/yyyy' format.

My problem: I am not allowed to use macros. At all. This is a requirement I
cannot get around.

Can anyone walk me through this? I am relatively new to the creating
calculations in text form fields, but from what I gather my formula would
look something like '=(text12+50)' and I would select the 'calculate on exit'
checkbox on either Text12, my text field with the calculation, or both. I
have tried to make my number format 'MM/dd/yyyy' (this is the same format as
'Text12'), and I get this result: 'MM/dd/y50.00' once I protect the form.

Thanks in advance




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