CreateDialogIndirect() fires Radio button click function .....



Thanks for the correction.

You are not welcome.
There is not. If you think so, file it. We get more than a few bug reports
here. And if it has any merit, otehrs will second it.

As I said, I do not care to debug Microsoft products. If the idiots at
Microsoft think it is okay to fire any click event without an actual click
having taken place, it is their problem, not mine.
"I have no interest in debugging Microsoft products."
" I am an expert assembly language programmer."
"Just because the logic operates as documented does not mean it is correct."
"Now who is the only software producer who can claim that
as long as the behavior matches the documentation, then it is correct and
get away with murder?"

Yes, these are true and I stand by them. Thanks for restating them so that
anyone who reads the same knows what I wrote!
Our agenda's our clear.

You actually have an agenda? Agenda is a bad choice of words. I 'll let you
break your stupid head over it.
Mine is to offer advice, correct misperceptions and to provide counterpoint
to misinformation.

:-( You have done nothing of the sort except to be argumentative and
provocative to the point where I call you a fool. Indeed you are a fool and a
very annoying fellow to wit. To offer advice, you need to have knowledge (you
don't). To correct misperceptions, you need to know what is right and wrong
(you don't). To provide 'counterpoint' to misinformation? Only you have a
fuzzy idea what you mean here.
I'll take the high road and not categorize yours (it's pretty transparent)
except to point out that this exchange has been a lot of fun for me.

Well, I am glad it has been fun for you. It has not been fun for me. Dealing
with fools is something I do not enjoy. You have certainly shown yourself to
be a leader amongst fools.


To the readers: Notice how a Microsoft Valued Professional (MVP) reacts:


Either the guy does not understand English or he is a retard. His best
response is LOL. I wonder if Microsoft trains its cronies to respond with
laughter when they do not have any answers? Perhaps this is a tactic to
relieve stress? Who knows....

Now let's see? Jeff Partch did the best he could and stated the truth: click
routines are fired without any actual clicks taking place. He confirmed what
I already knew. However, De Paolo not statisfied with Partch's response and
basking in his ignorance decides to take a hawkish approach.

His first annoying response:
"I see. So behavior at odds with the documentation would be correct, then?"

This microsoft valued 'professional' would rather argue with me and have fun.

Way to go Microsoft! Way to go!!!


??? Whatever do you mean? What does ROFLMAO stand for? Have we resorted to
obscene language now? Hmmm....
Aug 18, 2010
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Notes from another (ex-) MVP ;)

=?Utf-8?B?Sm9obiBHYWJyaWVs?= said:
To the readers: Notice how a Microsoft Valued Professional (MVP) reacts:

Hi. I just couldnt stop myself when i bumped into this old thread.
I have, as ex-MVP, as that award is something one gets annaly after a year of excessive (good) activity, both solution to your "bug" (yes it's not a bug whatever much you dont like it) and a reason for the "autoclick".

But first...
>Way to go Microsoft! Way to go!!!
What made u think Will is/was a Microsoft employee. Although MVP's CAN be that they most often are NOT!

Next the "problem". I guess the workaround you mentioned is to set a flag in WM_CREATEDIALOG to help you ignore the first BN_CLICKED. Thats how i would do it anyway if i was, as i strongly suspect, missusing the BN_CLICKED.

Why do i claim so? Well, normal use of BN_CLICKED of radio buttons (and checkboxes) would be to use that information to modify the looks of the dialog (for instance show different help text or hide/show controls). It is not intended that one use radio buttons like ordinary buttons. And as a radiobutton group normally should have a default selection (which you would checkmark in WM_CREATEDIALOG) it is natural that it clicks the first radiobutton so that any changes associated with it are automatically produced. I see absolutely no problem with that as it is documented!

- Sten

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