Created a Data Entry Form--how do I create multiple entries for us



Created a Purchasing Database and created a Data Entry Form. I now want the
user to be able to enter multiple lines under certain categories. Example:
Qty Price Description Date Requested
1. 2 5.50 ....
2. 1 6.10
3. 3 2.50
4. 10 5.54
5. 5 2.34

I thought a subform might help this, but when I scroll to the next Purchase
Order the same entries follow the subsequent number. I thought about
dedicating the PO number to point towards that specific subform, but I am
totally lost.

Please help



Jeff Boyce


Take a look at the Northwind (sample) database that accomplies Access. I
believe they have an Order/OrderDetail form/subform set up that you could
use as an example to see how they've done it.


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Office/Access MVP

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