Create VPN connection results in Dial-up connection



Running Windows Vista Ultimate, I create a VPN connection - 'Connect to a
workplace'. I choose to 'Use my Internet Connection (VPN), and I enter the
Internet address and assign a name to the connection. (I have used this
method of creating VPN connection on other Windows Vista machines with no

Once the connection has been created, on going into Manage Network
Connections, the connection is visible in the list, but it says 'Unavailable
- device missing'. Under Properties - Connect Using, it reads, 'Modem Removed
- Unavailable device ()' and the IP address has been entered into the Phone
Number box.

Does anyone know of a workaround for this problem?


It seems that this problem could be to do with the fact that within this
Windows the connection to the Internet is 'Not conencted', even though it
works fine.

Can anyone suggest a way of convincing Windows Vista that the Internet
connection is actually working?




The case is finally 'solved'. After trying several measures including all the
suggestions above, I resolved to contact Microsoft Technical Support. After
recognising that this was due to a problem with Windows Vista, rather than a
configuration issue, they agreed to give us a 'grace call', meaning that the
technical assistance would be provided free of charge. It was observed by the
Microsoft engineers that our Windows Vista OS was suffering from multiple
failures and they advised us to reinstall the OS on the machine. This I have
now done, and the machine is behaving much better and I have created the VPN
connection in the usual way and it works fine now. A slightly disappointing
result in that we haven't learnt anything about Windows Vista, but good in
that we are now operation again.

For those of you who still have this issue, I hope this conclusion helps you.

Thanks for all your contributons and suggestions to this posting.

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