Create separate list of only selected data



I am needing to create a new sheet (Sheet 2) of information based on whether
an item is selected on another sheet (Sheet 1).

ie: (Sheet 1)
Item QTY Cost Total
Shoe 0 $33 $
Shirt 2 $70 $140
Pants 0 $104 $0
Jacket 1 $112 $120
Hutch 0 $173 $0

If I only want the 2 lines that are greater than 0 to be shown on my
summarized sheet, how do I show those 2 rows together instead of being

Sheet 2

Item Qty Cost Total
Shirt 2 $70 $140
Jacket 1 $112 $120



Gord Dibben

Data>Filter>Autofilter QTY column for greater than 0

F5>Special>Visble cells>OK

Copy then paste to other sheet.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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