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I want to ask someone to help me with a project. I want to
create a relationship between table 1 and table 2, by
joining the tables with the Customer ID field. Then I
want to create a main form from table 1, I will be using
form Wizard, Then I want to create a subform (same way)
using table 2, I then want to insert the subform into the
main form, linking them myself, using the Customer ID
field. Next I want to remove the subform's label so it
does not show in form view, Also removing the subform's
scroll bars, navigation icons, record selector, and
dividing lines. I want to add a command button to the
main form to retrieve the first record.,Using the pointing
up icon. Finally I want to create a switchboard to open
main/subform created. The switchboard should read:
Add/Edit Customer Order Information. The Command should
be: Open Form in Edit Mode/ The form is table 1. I want
to setup the database's startup options so that the
switchboard opens when the database is opened. I want to
Uncheck the "Display database window" so that only the
switchboard initially displays. I know I am asking alot,
Help with this would greatly be appreciated. Thank You.

Pavel Romashkin

Well, you basically just described exactly what needs to be done. Have
you followed these steps and experienced a problem?


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