Create custom public folders in Exchange 2003



Hi there,

I need to create custom email enabled public folders in an outlook addin
where the backing store is Exchange 2003.
I've managed to create folders underneath the root 'Public Folders' but i
seem not able to figure out how to specify the mail address.

Looking in Active Directory entry for the created folders, the
'proxyAddresses' attribute has values set by default. I'd like to set my own
when I create the folder or update the default values by some means.

My task is to allow the user to create a, lets say, 'Project A' folder which
will have a predefined structure underneath it (like Commissioner, Developer,
Supplier...). Well, when more projects are created, the subfolders gets
renamed with some number attached to the name (like Commissioner 1287450) so
that they are unique, affecting also the mail attribute's value.

What I've managed to do so far is querying the WMI Exchange_PublicFolders
class with the folder path to get the TargetAddress attribute. Then use
TargetAddress value to lookup an ActiveDirectory entry for the mail enabled
public folder and finally set the proxyAddresses attribute's value.

Has anyone an idea on how to set email addresses to a public folder from a
client application (Outlook plugin with office PIA) without using WMI and

Thanks, Pier

Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

As far as I know that would have to be done using server side code,
accessing the AD to mail enable the folder.


OK, the problem is getting the right CN name to use in ActiveDirectory but
unfortunately folders ends up renamed in AD.


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