create a new database?



Hi. I'm very familiar with VBA as it opplies to Excel... Access? Not so much.

I have some stuff that I'm going to need to do in Excel, but will need to
run a few things through Access along the way.

Here's my start:

Dim objAcc As Object
Set objAcc = CreateObject("Access.Application")
objAcc.Visible = 1

to get Access open and running.

From there, how do I create a new database? I know how to open an existing
database with the OpenCurrentDatabase method, but how do I create a new one?

Everything I've tried throws object errors.





Ahh... got it.

I put in OpenCurrentDatabase , and then did the F1 help thing, and found
that the answer to my novice question is the 'NewCurrentDatabase' method.

Got it. Thanks.

I had tried that Help approach before, but hadn't thought of the right way
to find. it.

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