Crazy access importing Options



Hi I don't play with Access much. Mainly sql server 2005

I have a table. 2 fields are starting to annoy me now. The first
Draw is a long integer. The last is Ballset which is an Integer.
I keep getting Type Conversion Failure on these 2 fields. Why?

Herte is the text that I am using to import

INSERT INTO `lotto` VALUES (1477,"Wed",17,"Feb",2010,
03,22,27,31,38,49,45, 2566661, 1,"Guinevere", 6 );
INSERT INTO `lotto` VALUES (1476,"Sat",13,"Feb",2010,
16,22,24,30,39,44,09, 4779389, 1,"Arthur", 5 );
INSERT INTO `lotto` VALUES (1475,"Wed",10,"Feb",2010,
05,07,15,37,42,44,03, 1178108, 2,"Guinevere", 8 );
INSERT INTO `lotto` VALUES (1474,"Sat", 6,"Feb",2010,
03,12,15,17,22,29,05, 733644, 5,"Guinevere", 7 );
INSERT INTO `lotto` VALUES (1473,"Wed", 3,"Feb",2010,
03,11,12,20,21,28,31, 1942838, 1,"Arthur", 6 );
INSERT INTO `lotto` VALUES (1472,"Sat",30,"Jan",2010,
02,03,04,19,23,40,22, 2122675, 2,"Guinevere", 5 );
INSERT INTO `lotto` VALUES (1471,"Wed",27,"Jan",2010,
01,04,07,11,13,27,12, 264490, 5,"Arthur", 2 );
INSERT INTO `lotto` VALUES (1470,"Sat",23,"Jan",2010,
03,07,08,16,19,30,09, 1996431, 3,"Guinevere", 4 );
INSERT INTO `lotto` VALUES (1469,"Wed",20,"Jan",2010,
02,16,17,18,27,28,43, 2257533, 0,"Guinevere", 2 );
INSERT INTO `lotto` VALUES (1468,"Sat",16,"Jan",2010,
04,07,10,14,27,42,25, 1182714, 5,"Guinevere", 3 );

The last field is definatly a number as is the first field.


Jerry Whittle

Which sets of numbers are the problem fields in the SQL below?

Also I'm worried about the `lotto` part. First the SQL shouldn't need single
quotes around the table name. Second those single quotes are the fancy type:
` vs ' . I know that the ` single quotes can case havoc in Oracle's SQL*Plus.

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