Crashing Excel 2007


Buzz Mason

Hi All
I am running Excel 2007 with all the latest updates etc (31/10/08)
I am trying to solve the following issue...
I have a worksheet that has a clipart image of a folder inserted and a macro
attached to it.
The macro is very simple:
Sub test()
ThisWorkbook.Close savechanges:=False
End Sub
When I click on the image, excel close but with the following message
"Microsoft Office Excel has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are
sorry for the inconvenience."

If I have another Excel workbook open and click on the image then the
workbook close normally.

If I use a Button instead of the image I do NOT get the problem and Excel
closes normally.

I have tried the same with shapes, pictures etc and all have the crashing

I have posted this issue on other forums but nobody has managed to come up
with a solution.

Please can someone help me…. This is part of a large project I develop for
one of my customers. I originally developed this in Excel 2003 and am now
converting everything to Excel 2007 because my customer is converting to
Excel 2007 in 2009

When I run the 2003 version it works fine, when I run the 2003 version in
2007 under “compatibility mode†it crashes.
I would be grateful of any ideas
Thank you



Buzz Mason

OK please ignore this post... I found the solution in Jim Rech reply to
Misbah's post "Crash on ActiveWindow.close" It worked VERY well

Thanks for looking at this post anyway... It should teach me to search
further before posting ;-)


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