Crash when doing a "Delayed Wite Failed"

Discussion in 'Windows XP WMI' started by Cheb Bowles, Jun 19, 2004.

  1. Cheb Bowles

    Cheb Bowles Guest

    I am using Forensics Tool Kit to index a 120GB HD.
    After about 3 days (needs 5 days according to Access Data),
    the operation fails and I get the "Delayed Write FAilure
    ALL DATA Lost."

    I am using the following setup, an hp Laptop, an USB HD
    drive containing the HD being indexed. The Date/Index info
    is being written to a second HD using Firewire connection.

    I have crashed 3 times since about June 4.

    I have tried the above on a Sony, with 1GB.

    Any Help would be greatly appreciated; this is delaying a
    Forensics Examination of the HD.

    Cheb Bowles
    (309) 862 2882
    Cheb Bowles, Jun 19, 2004
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