CPU usage in Windows task Manager program


The Old Timer

I am continually getting my PC to freeze sometime just for a second
sometimes for as long as 6 or 7 seconds. This occurs when almost nothing
appears to be running. I have had a full system scan for viruses & spyware
& nothing to report.

I decided to see if any particular process was trying to run that I was
unaware of I opened windows task managed then clicked processes then %
usage so that the most CPU usage was at the top of list, My main program
which was running in the background went from about 92 to 98 percent. The
only other figures that appeared there were taskmgr.exe & system idle. When
the mouse froze again I looked at the list of processes expecting to see
some unexpected process jumped to the top of list but nothing had changed
yet my mouse still would not move for another several seconds. Any ideas as
to what the problem might be & where should I look next?

Rodney Kelp

If you have a program that is always using 92 to 98 % of your processor all
the time, that is your problem. Kill it.

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