CPU running @ 100%


Kathy B

I have something running that takes 70-99% of my CPU usage.
It is - Yjg60.exe
Anybody have help for me? Can I delete it safely?
I know nothing about computers other than all of a sudden
mine started running REAL slow.


If you inspect the properties of the file it may give you a clue as to what
it is.
Yjg60.exe is not a sys file

Mike Kline

What changed on the machine? You say that all of a sudden it started
to run really slow. Was anything installed on the machine? Was new
hardware added? Have you run a virus scan and spyware scan on the

If it is taking that many cycles then try to kill it and see what
happens. You are new but if you want to take a shot use some of Mark
Russionvich's tools at sysinternals.com, Process viewer is a great
tool for this kind of problem.

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