Counting on two separate values



I'm trying to count the number of values, within a column over multiple rows,
that fall within a range. I can do that with the COUNTIF function as follows:


However, now I want to extend that to break of the counts by month. I have
a date in column C.

If I create twelve row, each with a month/year, I want to use the month/year
against column C. Something like below (which does not work).

=IF(format(C6:C53,"MMYY")=format(A1, "MMYY"),COUNTIF(Q6:Q53,"<31"),0)

where cell A1 contains a date like 1-Jul-2007. For cell B I would like a
count where the month/year in C6:C53 is Jul-2007 AND the value in the range
Q6:Q53 is less than 31.



You could use SUMPRODUCT.


If the month, year and less than amount are in a cell, say A1, B1 and C1:



Ken Johnson


Ken Johnson


Thanks Paul. Very close to what I needed. Since I have my month/year in a
single column the solution provided by Ken was right on. I need to check on
"--", never heard of that before, except in the C programming language
(autodecrement), but I don't think that what it means here.

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