Counting Occurrence of a Value within Cells



I have a user who is using Excel as a database – ugh. One of their columns
(fields) has contact data points. As an example, a cell might state –
“05/10/2009 – Called person. 05/24/2009 – Sent letter. 06/30/2009 – Received
call from person. 07/31/2009 – Closed case. 01/10/2010 – Reopened case.
01/24/2010 – Sent update letter.†The user wants to count all contacts within
the spreadsheet for the month of May 2010.

The first thing I am doing is having the dates changed from mm/dd/yyyy to dd
MMM yyyy format so we can search for MMM yyyy. After this is done, we can do
a Find all and count the number of rows, which have MMM yyyy in the cell;
however, if there are two occurrences of MMM yyyy in a cell the find all only
shows it once. Is there a function I can use to count all occurrences within
the spreadsheet regardless?


Steve Dunn

Hi Edmund, try this:

LEN(SUBSTITUTE($B$2:$B$50,"May 2010","")))/8

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