Counting multiple occurances of a specific string



I am trying to sift through a list of names and cities and determine come up
with a number for each name: 0=no city listed, 1=a city is listed, but not in
my city, and 2=my city.

Example: (my city is Seattle)
Sheet 1 (named "All Players")
Last First City
Jones James Chicago
Smith John Seattle
Doe Jason
Jones Frank Seattle

So, then in sheet 2, it would look like this:
Jones James 1
Smith John 2
Doe Jason 0
Jones Frank 2

I will mannually enter the names in Sheet 2, columns A & B, but I want a
function for automatically generating a number based on column C of sheet 1.
I don't want to reference specific cells because I will be inserting,
deleting, and rearanging several thousand names.

What I have so far is almost working, but I can't quite get the final touch.
If I enter in Seattle in Column C, next to the names in Columns A & B of
Sheet 1, then the corresponding name in Sheet 2 will pop up with a 2 in
column C - just like it is supposed to.... however, I always have a 1 for
names with both a different city, or with no listed city. I cannot get a
blank city to show me a 0.

Here is the formula I have so far:
=SUM(IF('All Players'!$A$1:$A$1309=A3,(IF('All

My logic is that IF the city = "Seattle", then the value-if-true = 2. This
works. However, the value-if-false being another formula of COUNTA must be
counting the entire C column instead of just the corresponding columns of A &

Thanks for any help.




Put in D2 and copy down...........


Vaya con Dios,
Chuck, CABGx3

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